Nepal Charity Education Construction Fund

Solution: Building Schools to Open the Door to Education

Deepak Baskota has added his drop of water in the ocean of need for more schools and opportunities in Nepal’s remote villages. He has managed over the years on his Tea Estate, to provide to all the children of the farmers, study in his local English Boarding School and Community School. And with help from various institutions and tea buyers, over 2,300 students have received scholarships for school—with the number of students growing each year. The need is now for more school building to accommodate this growing demand for educating today’s youth.

Deepak schools in Jhapa, eastern district of Nepal

Under Deepak’s Directorship, which brings years of experience and wisdom, his NCECF Team can expand the work he has already begun through his government contacts and network of cooperative farmers—the result will be a new seed to yield a new crop of students.