Nepal Charity Education Construction Fund

Impact investment: Impact investments are investments made into companies, organizations, and funds with the intention to generate social and environmental impact alongside a financial return.

And what greater investment is there than to invest in the source of all investments—human intelligence. NCECF is dedicated to supporting and expanding the field of creativity and intelligence in every student. If human intelligence is the goldmine for any country, then the process of education is the process of mining the gold to bring more prosperity and fulfillment in life.  The four pillars of human life: physical, mental, emotional and spiritual well being, are upheld through proper education. Individuals and society as a whole will enjoy more self-sufficiency, greater individual dignity, and national pride through proper and adequate education and facilities. (need another closing sentence here about financial return)

Middle school children in temporary structure erected after the 2014 earthquake—Mt. Everest School

Mt. Everest School (temporary building)