Nepal Charity Education Construction Fund

Challenge: Breaking the Cycle of Poverty

Nepal has a population of 30 million people and about 39% of the total population is literate. There is also a wide variation among the literacy rates of the male and that of the females. According to the Central Bureau of Statistics (CBS), the literacy rate of the females is only about 25% while it is about 54% for the male population. Realizing the critical need for proper education in the society for the overall development of the nation, the Nepal Charity Education Construction Fund (NCECF) is dedicated to helping any community that needs a proper school building, as evaluated by our NCECF Construction Office.  NCECF is dedicated to finding the funds for any school to meet their student population needs.

Our strategy is that with more schools there will be more employment opportunities. Naturally with increased creativity and ingenuity through increased educational opportunities, there will be more confidence for starting businesses thereby providing a more diverse economic base. This will be help balance Nepal’s current brain and labor drain—the subtle wounds of Nepal’s remittance boom—where over 1,500 Nepalis migrate abroad for work each day. Financial advisors have warned the Nepalese that, “no country has ever succeeded in sustaining growth and job creation on remittance alone.”

Our Team is focused on building schools now and to creating the proper infrastructure for Nepalis to empower themselves through more educational opportunities. To change Nepal we must make the fundamental change within the structure of education itself—and start by structuring the buildings!