Nepal Charity Education Construction Fund


Deepak Baskota

Deepak Baskota—NCECF Chairman

  • Former State Minister for Home Affairs, Government of Nepal
  • Former Executive chairman: National Cooperative Federation of Nepal (NCF/N)
  • Former Member of Standing Committee: International Cooperative Alliance, Regional Office for Asia and the Pacific (ICAAP)
  • Former Vice-President: International Federation of Agricultural Producers (IFAP) for Asia and the Pacific.
  • Former Vice-President: International Housing Cooperative Foundation for Asia and the Pacific.
  • Advisor: National Cooperative Bank
  • Former President: Himalayan Orthodox Tea Producers Association (HOTPA), Nepal.
  • Founder Chairman: Kanchanjungha Tea Estate (first certified organic tea, coffee and spices company,
  • Founder Chairman: Naya Namuna Secondary School, Panchthar 
  • Chairman: Panchthar Multiple Campus, Panchthar. 
James Hodgson

James Hodgson—NCECF Board Member

Applying his Masters degree skills in the field of social sciences and his BA in business management, James has worked with charitable organizations and projects around the world since 2009. In addition to James’s work in Nepal, he is an International Advisor and Senior Project Manager for the Foundation for Vedic Science and Technology in India.

Bernard Markus

(need photo and Bio)

Samikchya Baskota

Samikchya Baskota—NCECF Legal Advisor and Counsel

Samikchya is a corporate lawyer by profession (LL.B at Kathmandu School of Law, Nepal and LL.M at the St. John’s University, New York, USA), and owner of Legal Counseling and Research Center that serves as an in-house counsel for several private institutions and non-profit organizations in Nepal. She is the founder of the Baskota Group of Industries Pvt. Ltd. and board member for Nepal Institute for Urban and Regional Studies (NIURS). She also contributes her expertise to urban development in collaboration with Federation of Nepalese Chambers of Commerce and Industry (FNCCI).

Nishchal Banskota

Nishchal Banskota—Director, NCECF USA Branch

Nishchal Banskota is the founder of Nepal Tea which directly brings certified organic teas from Nepal to the American market. After graduating from Colby-Sawyer in 2015, he moved back to his homeland of Nepal for one  year to venture into opening the very first Tea Bar in Nepal with a vision to educate people more about tea and his unique business model. He believes the tea industry to be a social enterprise focusing on people and planet before profit—and his mission is to change lives, one cup at a time!

He was a young leader for the European Union Development Days 2017 and an active advocate for UN Sustainable Development Goals Agenda 1973. He is also the co-founder of PANA (Painting Nepal’s Academia), an organization working to integrate liberal arts philosophies to Nepal’s traditional educational curriculum.

Randall Billings

Randall Billings—NCECF Construction Supervisor

Randall Billings has been involved in the construction Industry in the USA for over 42 years. He is a certified Class A General Contractor in the states of Florida, North Carolina, and Iowa and has built hundreds of structures. His experience has ranged from commercial, industrial and residential to remodeling projects, including complete site development and Project Manager of a construction build-out worth over one-hundred million (US$) dollars.

Kingsley and Leslie Brooks

Kingsley and Leslie Brooks—NCECF Board Members

Kingsley and Leslie Brooks have their Master and PhD degrees from Maharishi University of World Peace, Holland. They have worked for the past 35 years in non-profit educational organizations around the world and were senior administrators at Maharishi University of Management, Fairfield, Iowa. The Brooks have assisted in raising over $100 million for schools, universities, building projects, and students scholarships.