Nepal Charity Education Construction Fund

Mission and Vision—to build schools and colleges throughout Nepal thereby giving educational opportunities to every boy and girl, every young man and woman. The school buildings will be the pipeline for the knowledge to flow and water the root of life—our innate human intelligence.

Common scene in village schools—the need for proper school buildings is clear

The goal of education should be to produce orderly individuals who know how to satisfy their desires and also at the same time satisfy the needs of their society—this kind of mind is created through proper education—this is the essential goal of education.

The impact of education on society is immeasurable because a society is made up of the people who live in it and educated people therefore create an educated society.

If we want to educate people and transform society, we need a physical place to do it—hence the serious need for school buildings! Our vision is to provide adequate schools across Nepal so every young mind can be educated.  So let the buildings begin and be an open door for the infinite inner intelligence of each child to flow and fill the room…fill Nepal.

Village children