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History— a short story about a man who wants to build a brighter future for Nepal

Deepak Prakash Baskota

In 1948 in a remote village in the Panchthar district in eastern Nepal bordering the tea area of Darjeeling, a young boy named Deepak Prakash Baskota was born. Housing, schools, and life in general were simple at best. In his early teens, Deepak traveled out of his village to a town that had running water, which was not available in his village. Deepak said to his Uncle, “I will bring running water to my village.” Well… until that day when Deepak actually did bring running water to his village, he educated himself by finding whatever schools existed in his hilly region and took whatever classes a teacher would teach him. In his early twenties, Deepak as a tea farmer, saw quickly that the many small farmers could be stronger and more profitable if their efforts were organized. He managed to inspire over 100 farmers to join hands, pool their marginal land holdings, and become owners of the first orthodox tea plantation covering nearly 94 hectares of land. The land, which was barely enough to sustain them, is now utilized to produce High Quality Organic Orthodox Tea of the Himalayas. These efforts of Deepak’s in the 1980’s did not go unrecognized by the leaders of Nepal and the King. Deepak quickly rose to many leadership positions in Nepal including former State Home Minister—and Yes—he brought running water to his home village of Nepal. (And to this day, the ladies in his village thank him for saving their backs and not having to carry water in buckets each day). 

Now Deepak at age 68, is focusing the rest of his life on creating and providing educational and employment opportunities to the people of Nepal.  Deepak knows first-hand that all change begins within—and within means to educate.  

Deepak and wife Dumba Kumari with 1st son (1990)

Deepak (left), inspecting Nepal organic farm (2009)

Deepak (center) speaking with high school students (2010)